metallic-chartThere is no other system that has the appeal, depth, character, metallic luster, and three-dimensional visual effect of EpamineTM Metallics FX! Floric has surpassed everyone in the industry with a proprietary blending method of metallic pigments and industrial grade epoxies. It’s the marriage of industrial grade epoxies and artistry in flooring to create a Picasso in epoxy.

EpamineTM Metallics FX is both federal and state V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds) compliant because it contains zero V.O.C (solvent-free.) It has metallic integral pigment that gives a variegated three-dimensional look and is also available in color-shift pigments. When incorporated with high-performance, chemical resistant urethane or polyaspartic topcoats, you can create an easy to clean, virtually maintenance-free surface. The result is a unique floor able to stand up to almost anything. Typical uses include:

• Showrooms
• Garage floors
• Dance floors
• Casinos
• Entertainment Centers
• Museums
• Retail Store Floors
• Lobby Flooring
• Malls and Super stores

Technically, EpamineTM Metallics FX is an interior grade, multi-component, 100% solids high gloss decorative epoxy floor coating system. It’s a multi-coat product with the metallic pigment integral to the epoxy itself. The product has excellent adhesion, cleanability and abrasion resistance. EpamineTM Metallics FX is available in Royal Blue, Glitter Gold, Glitter Bronze, Copper, Brilliant Aluminum, Antique Silver, Old English Pewter, Driftwood and Forest Green. Also available in Color-shift pigments: Viola Fantasy and Tropical Sun.

EpamineTM Metallics FX is fluid applied in a multi-coat process with a primer coat, metallic body coats and topcoats. It utilizes a liquid dispersing agent to distress the metallic pigments for producing a highly decorative, three dimensional and variegated seamless epoxy floor coating. The application can incorporate anti-microbial additives where needed. It can be installed anywhere conventional floor coverings or industrial coatings are required resulting in practically unlimited uses.