San Antonio Epoxy Coating

Epoxy Floors

We offer 100% high solids epoxy available in many custom and standard colors.

4 Step Process:

Preparation of Concrete
The preparation process is paramount/vital to ensure a quality job that will last a lifetime.  By opening the pores of the concrete, the epoxy will adhere to the concrete properly.

  • Power Washed
  • Acid Washed
  • Diamond Grinding

Prime Coat
Acts as a barrier between the bare concrete and the epoxy basecoat for a smooth finish.

  • Polymer high solids prime coat
  • Fills Cracks and indentions for an even, smooth finish.

Colored Base Coat
Available in many colors

Polyurethane Top Coat Sealant

  • UV Stable so it won’t change color over time
  • Chemical Resistant (gas, grease, oil, urine, coffee, etc)
  • Anti-Slip additive (can be included for high traffic areas)

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